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Our Name 

A name is an integral part of any person’s life and self-identity.  The name is something many of us are proud of.  A person's name is usually significant and special for them. There’s a reason that many parents spend long hours, days and months choosing a name for their children. There’s also a phenomenon of grown-ups changing their names. Choosing something they believe is a better representation of who they are.  On many levels, changing your name equals to changing your destiny.  According to the old Jewish science of Gematria – a conversion of letters into numbers, each name can sum up differently and have a different meaning.  It is another symbol of the person’s identity. Changing your name can change the meaning of it. 

The special meaning of personalized name necklace

Personalized name necklaces can be made with your own name, or it can bear the name of your loved ones, which makes it even more special. Personalized name necklaces can have a great impact and be almost as valuable and meaningful as a wedding ring.  You can show off your unique personality by customizing your necklace.

You can even customize it with a word of special meaning, nickname, a special place, etc. At Sampson, we offer a unique approach, making personalized name necklaces even more personalized, thanks to various fonts, creative ideas and a great mixing of materials and styling. Choosing the most personal necklace is a great way to cherish the unique identity and personality of the receiver of this precious gift.

Different types of name necklaces

Name necklaces, like body jewelry, can be composed of different materials. We at Sampson offer personalized name necklaces in sterling silver and in 18K gold plating.  It is essential to make sure that the receiver isn’t sensitive to the specific type of metal. Gold plating is an excellent material that usually guarantees that there will be no rashes or other unwanted reactions. Another option to choose from is the design of the name, we at Sampson offer 20 different fonts to choose from. You can use uppercase letters or lower case letters, a combination of both or even a combination of letters and numbers or letters and symbols like a heart shape.  We at Sampson also offer an infinity symbol necklace that can be designed with one to four names or a combination of names and symbols usually heart shape.  

On what occasions one might purchase a name necklace?

There are many kinds of personalized name necklace designs suitable for various occasions. For instance, some parents buy this kind of jewelry for their children’s birthday. Additionally, this is considered as a great gift, both for a friend, relative, loved one – or to yourself. Creating a unique name necklace can be as inspiring as doing a piercing or a tattoo with a special meaning or idea. This idea can be related to various dates and reasons – graduation, anniversary, birthday and more. The beautiful thing about it is that every day is a good day for making this gift.

Are there any other personalized jewelry?

Nowadays, there are options for personalizing everything, thanks to the reduced production costs, the advanced technologies of molding 3D printing and laser machinery. In addition to personalized name necklaces, we at Sampson offer personalized nose rings, personalized cartilage earrings and personalized tragus earrings with an initial letter or your personal zodiac sign. 

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